Why You Should Hug Your Child?

Why You Should Hug Your Child?

Why should you hug me often ? As a parent, you need to let your children know how important they are to you, then naturally devote all your love, affection, care and attention to your baby. Check out the effects of holding your baby often in the article below.

1. Give children absolute safety

Besides taking good care of children , every time they hold them, they will feel safe. You guarantee them solid support and unconditional love. Children tend to seek this sense of security from their parents. So go ahead and let your children know that nothing can stop them when you are with you.

2. Reduce anxiety levels

A hug alone can drastically reduce cortisol levels in a child’s body. From there helps reduce feelings of stress. Anxiety, apprehension, and stress are part of a child’s life. But you can erase those things with a small gesture. Do it today. Hugging is also a great way for effective parenting .

3. Help you get closer to your child

Children depend on you for the smallest things. You should note that love, understanding, empathy, and life experiences are factors that nurture your child into an adult. Hugs are the best way for you to let your children know that parents really feel what they are going through. Show full empathy in a gentle hug with your baby.

4. Taking care of your baby with a hug is the best healing therapy

Is your child sulking and nestled in a corner of the house? They are not ready to eat with you. Or do not want to talk or even sit with you? It is difficult to take care of children when they are not cooperating. But just giving me a warm hug for long is enough. Caressing can really soothe the heart and calm the mind. It is considered the most effective healing therapy. Even for the deepest wounds. This is also considered a secret child care .

5. Build your child a strong personality

Holding children often is a way to boost their self-esteem. At the same time let them know they are special and loved. This not only encourages children to explore the world with high confidence. It also helps them to face difficulties in life. Besides taking care of your children from sleep and meal, please hug me a lot. It will nurture the baby independent spirit.

6. Establish a positive compliment habit

Parents should know how to teach children positive thinking . And nothing is more effective than teaching through compliments. Hug is also a kind of praise. Hugs and kisses are your secret weapon for disciplining your children. Handle your child’s rebellious behaviors with a few hugs every day. Let them know that they will receive a special hug from their mother if something is done right. So it’s time to try this method.

7. Has a therapeutic effect

It is believed that 4 hugs every day are essential for human existence. 8 hugs to “maintain” affection. 12 are helpful for growth. A simple parenting therapy will help you a lot. You can avoid loneliness, anger, despair and irritability. Hugs teach children the spirit of rising and giving. At the same time increase serotonin concentration, giving children a sense of peace and contentment.

8. Assistance

Hugs come with a great spirit and emotion. It accumulates understanding, rationality, and empathy. Cuddling is a support. The higher the support, the better the natural relationship between you and your child.

9. Emotional balance

Embracing your child often will help them understand the importance of showing love. From there they can be visualized and absorbed more easily. Cuddling and cuddling brings a solid balance to the nervous system, helping children grow up and become useful citizens.

10. Strengthen the immune system

Taking care of your baby with a hug helps them boost immunity. One study found that children who were held and kissed frequently from childhood had a stronger immune system than other children. Hugging stimulates the thymus, which regulates the number of white blood cells of the body to protect your child from diseases. So, give your child new things in life through loving hugs of love.