When Is the Best Time for Babies to Drink Juice

When Is the Best Time for Babies to Drink Juice?

Fruit juice is a very healthy drink for your baby. It contains many vitamins, fiber, helps the baby increase the ability to absorb other nutrients.

For children, playing nearly twice as much fun activities as adults and drinking juice is also an easy way to put water into the baby’s body.

When to let your baby drink juice?

However, how to drink fruit juice properly is a problem. According to the recommendations of experts, before 6 months of age, formula or breast milk has provided enough nutrients needed for the development and growth of the baby.

Therefore, if the child drinks juice at this time, he or she will feel full and will drink less milk or lose milk, easily causing the baby to lack necessary nutrients.

Moreover, at this time, the baby’s digestive system is still incomplete, not fully tolerating the acids in the fruits, so it will be harmful to your baby’s health.

From after 6 months of age, when the baby starts to practice weaning, the baby needs vitamin C from vegetables and fruits, this time is the best juice supplement mother.

For babies 6 to 12 months old should drink only 1 small cup of juice a day, 120ml maximum. Children from 1-6 years old can drink 120-180ml of juice a day. Children over 7-18 years old can drink more but also limit the maximum to drink 240-360ml of juice a day.

Which fruit to choose?

Any fruit that an adult eats can make juices for children. However, mothers should choose a variety of fruits because not all fruits have the same ingredients. For example, grapes and apples are naturally high in sugar but low in vitamin C, and the opposite is true.

In addition, mothers should not squeeze pure juice completely because it contains 100% pure calories. So, mothers should mix 2 juice 1 water and cut the fruit into small pieces or choose soft, easy to eat fruits to help your baby chew to provide enough vitamins, nutrients and fiber.

Currently, the market is flooded with canned fruit juices. Even though they are fully advertised with the best nutritional ingredients for your baby, they still can’t be as good as a glass of fresh fruit. Not to mention the preservative ingredients in it.

It is best for mothers to take the trouble to find and buy clean, delicious fruits for their children to eat and drink fresh fruit that will take advantage of the nutrients in it.

Time to drink juice

According to experts, the child should drink juice after a meal instead of drinking it on an empty stomach, before meals or in the early morning. Because fruit juice contains acid, if taken at the wrong time, it will cause negative effects to the function of the digestive system.

And mother remember not to let the baby before bedtime because the acid in the juice can make the baby uncomfortable, affecting the quality of sleep.

The best time to feed your baby fruit is in the afternoon, after waking up or the time between two main meals. Baby should eat fruit 1 hour before meals or 2 hours after eating.

Mother especially should not make juice ready to take two hours to drink. Because for too long 20 minutes will change the taste and susceptible to infection, not good for your baby’s health.