Tomorrow, my first workshop opens!

Tomorrow my mini-workshop (also called a ‘Breakout Session’) titled “Simplicity: Planning and Preparing to Find YOUR Simple” opens and I’d like to take some time to answer some questions and tell you more about it!

What’s a Breakout Session?
A breakout is a mini-online workshop offered through Clickin Moms, a wonderful forum that offers so much more than just a forum (classes, mentoring, photography tutorials, and even a magazine called Click!).  Clickinmoms, even though the name adds in “moms” is not only for moms – everyone is welcome to join.  They are a very supportive and friendly community and a great place to learn about photography.

How do I join a live Breakout Session?
To join: Clickin Moms members can sign up HERE  and Non-Members can sign up HERE  (scroll down and choose “Simplicity”)

To access the Breakout click on “Forums” at the top and scroll to the end of the forum list and you will see “Simplicity” under the workshops section.  Click. . . and you are in!  Download all  of the materials ASAP (everything is there except for the Q&A which will be recorded later in the week and added).

How long will the Breakout Session be available on the forum for?
The breakout session will be available for about 1 week.  After that time materials will no longer be available for download.  Next month, Simplicity will be available for purchase download from the Clickinmoms store but there will no longer be a forum for the class.

What is your Breakout, Simplicity, about?
Simplicity will help people that have already begun shooting.  It’s geared toward intermediate shooters and discusses less about the camera settings more about the hows/whys of shooting and making things easier when running a session.

Some topics covered are:

  • Finding Inspiration
  • Journaling
  • Your Personal Style and Meshing it with Your Photography Work
  • Finding Locations
  • Clients Homes – Tips and Tricks
  • Shooting Your Own Children Successfully
  • Shooting Families & Newborns

What is included?

  • A 57 page PDF written by me
  • 2 editing videos (Lightroom 3 and one in Photoshop CS5)
  • Templates for Birth Announcements & A Storyboard
  • Q&A video (not yet recorded)

What’s the cost?
$25 if you purchase while the breakout is live and $30 if you wait until it hits the store!

I hope to see you in the forum!

Have some more questions?  Answer in the comments or email me at [email protected]

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