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We are busy gearing up for Christmas and between holiday shows, our Elf ‘Buddy’ and my workshop wrapping up I’ve been busy! Today I edited 2 weeks worth of my 365 images.  I’m taking them… Oh… I’m taking them.  I have a lot of images.  I haven’t gotten them together to post, though… until today.  I know as 2014 begins I will have much more time on my hands.

So… I love white Christmas lights. I think they make a Christmas tree look incredibly classy and beautiful.  However, I remember the magic of coming out of my bedroom on Christmas morning and gazing at an amazingly colorful Christmas tree and my childhood heart fell in love, every year.  We had a really wonderful (though difficult for my mom) tradition.  Her and my dad would put our tree up on Christmas Eve.  They got the lights on (which was often frustrating as one string would always go out… or all of them…).  Following the tree, we’d head to church only to come home and admire the shining and colorful tree some more.  We were whisked to bed not long after, with a few of the hundreds of chocolate chip cookies made, in our bellies.  Santa, that night, would decorate the tree to perfection.  What a magical experience that was to wake up to.  All of our cherished ornaments, the twinkling garland and angel on top with bundles of wrapped gifts beneath. This was my favorite Christmas tradition… and while I don’t wait until Christmas Eve (mostly because I know how stressed out my mom and dad would end up on Christmas Eve orchestrating all of it) I am holding tight on the colored lights, for my babies.  To experience the colorful childhood that I remember.  We even mixed tiny bulbs and big bulbs this year.  One day they won’t care any more and I can class up this tree to my heart’s content.

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