letters to our daughters – april

This is my seventh month writing letters to Abby…
My wonderful friends and I  are writing letters — letters to express our love, talk through our struggles, and create a memory for our daughters.

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Every single month you are growing and changing at an enormous rate.  This month, you have decided that you would like to dress yourself.  On Saturday morning you came rushing in, completely dressed, announcing that “TODAY IS A YELLOW DAY!”  The ‘pattern’ day was one of your more interesting ones, for sure.  You claim that you feel like “such a big girl” when you do this.

Slowly, you are becoming a kid instead of a small child.  There are many days that you sit on the couch and draw for hours.  The drawings are so incredibly intricate and every detail is just so.  My pens have been disappearing at an alarming rate and we have come across piles of them in your baskets.  Pen, marker, paint and glue are constantly covering your hands and there is typically some sort of color on your cheek or nose from a marker that got loose.

love mom


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