This little guy was born earlier in the year…

 I once had a baby’s grandpa ask me if I thought all babies looked alike, act alike…
No, no sir… they don’t.
Each and every baby is so incredibly different
Sweet Grady was a perfect example of this.
He coo’d and purred the entire time he slept.
His mom told me a sweet story about his feet – if you put them in a certain position, he immediately calms down.Every baby is completely unique – some have sweet button noses, some long skinny feet, and some love to be curled up while other stretched way out.
It’s those tiny differences that make me love photographing so much…
Do you have a newborn on the way or given birth very recently?
I love photographing newborns and everything that makes them unique.
I’d be honored to capture your newborn, just as they are, in their first few weeks.
For more information, or to book a session simply fill out the contact form
or email me at [email protected]

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