February In My Corner of the World

This is the second month of a blog circle, I am participating in, with about a dozen women from around the world… at the end of the post is  a link to the next blog.
Should you complete the circle you will come back to my blog again…

Oh, February.  We are so ready to be outside again… so many small snow’s leaving just a dusting of whiteness.
The light is starting to sneak back during the evenings and the days are finally waking out of their darkness.
The buds have been poking through in the front bed of our home.

Abigail had her first Valentine’s Day party at school.
Together, we worked on ‘Shrinky Dink’ cards.  How she adored watching them shrink & flip in the oven.
Our entire beginning of February was dedicated to Valentines Day, and rightfully so, we showed our love for one another beautifully…

A short interview with Abby:

Q: Why is Valentine’s Day your favorite holiday?
A: Because… I get to write purple, red & pink hearts. Any kind of color. And that’s all- that’s why I love Valentine’s Day so much.

Q: Who is your Valentine?
A: My Valentine is my mommy.  Because she is my favorite person and I love her.

Q: Who is Owen’s Valentine?
A: I think it’s me- because I’m his big sister.  Wait… I think it’s you (mom).

Some quotes while making the Valentines:

“Mom, can I tie these ribbons on however I want?  I don’t  want to listen to rules.”
“This is not as easy as I thought it would be- I thought this was just coloring cards”

There was one day that touched 50 degrees…  We worked our way outdoors for a mere 20 minutes before we lost the sun.
Owen started walking in early December, I learned that, while he has mastered indoor walking, he does not have an affinity for outdoor walking just yet.
He also seems to have forgotten how to play outdoors, at all.  He certainly did not enjoy our short lived adventure… maybe soon?

Please continue the circle to see what February looks like in other areas of our world.
Next up, please visit my friend, Bay Area Photographer, Ava Hristova from Zemya Photography for her take on “February In My Corner of the World”

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