What Makes a Good Breastfeeding Chair?

A good breastfeeding chair is simply a chair made for both the mother and baby which lets the mother do her work without disturbing her sleeping baby. It is easy for her to stand without disturbing her baby: Given below are some things to consider before buying the best breastfeeding chair

What Makes a Good Breastfeeding Chair?

Readily comfortable

The breastfeeding chair that you are planning to but must be comfortable in nature for both the mother and baby. With the best breastfeeding chair, you can even think of spending the whole night with your little baby of nursing him. Although, it will be difficult for you to do the same in the chair which is uncomfortable.

The coziness is something the choosiest option in anyone’s life but the mother sacrifices a lot and step out of her comfort zone and give up on style for her baby. But the breastfeeding chair can be the best gift for the soon – to be a mother. It is important to keep in mind that you have to throw out this chair after some years when your baby will grow, so you have to but a chair which is both comfortable and affordable to your budget and also suits your style. Your chair must be durable in nature so that you can use it for a long period of time.

Enough support

The best breastfeeding chair is only considered as best if it allows you to get up easily from the chair when you are done nursing him without disturbing your baby to wake up. The chair must be soft and cozy but not too much as it will retain you from standing up and leaving aside your comfort zone. The big chair can also be disturbing for you and your baby as it makes it difficult for you to get up without getting your body too much shake.

The chair must be adjustable and can be stored easily in any corner of your room so that you can rest on it with your baby while watching TV or while doing something else. The breastfeeding chair must also be relining in a chair so that it becomes easy for you to fit it anywhere in your house; either in your garden or on your roof and must be portable so that you can take it wherever you want to.

Padded armrests

Before ordering a breastfeeding chair, you must look at whether it has padded armrests or not. The best breastfeeding chair consists of the supportive armrests where the mother can rest her arm while holding her baby on the chair. Babies are little heavy to hold on and it can also let your arms to sleep and you might not be able to feel your hands after sometime.

So look for the breastfeeding chair which helps you in resting of your arms on it and it must ensure you with good latch which is easy to manage. After your hands, you may also need to rest your legs, then for shorter legs, the footrest is also another feature available in the best breastfeeding chair. And if you are short in height, then it is obvious that you will take the whole seat in deep to get settle and rest on it, so the footrest will help you in getting up easily without much shaking your body.

What Makes a Good Breastfeeding Chair?

Highly safe

It is important for every breastfeeding chair to take steps in preventing any accidents and there are chances of getting hurt by it. There is a history of getting your fingers or toes pinched behind the legs of the chair and to prevent such injury you must use the glider while sitting on the chair. The gliders you are using must have the locking system in it that allows your chair not to glide when you are not using it. And you must make sure that the gears and encased must not come in reach to your baby.

The recliners present in your chair can also be harmful to your baby; if you have let the footstool up while you are not using the breastfeeding chair and when you are putting it back make sure that there is nothing beneath the space. The best breastfeeding chair is easy to clean and maintain the chair and it is stain resistant and can easily remove the dirt and dust from it with a washable cloth.

Staying power

It is obvious that you will not be using your breastfeeding chair after your baby grows up so it does not mean that it should not be durable in nature. It must allow you to use it for a long time and you must also but it for the purpose of other things as well so that you can utilize it afterward also. You can use it as a rest chair also after doing the entire household chore or if your grown-up baby wants to use it for sit and study.

The chair can also be used for entertainment purposes also such as playing the musical chair. Or another option is that you can give it to the other mother for using it as a breastfeeding chair only. So, it is recommended that you buy the best breastfeeding chair which is less cute in design and can be used later on for many other purposes.


The breastfeeding chair is considered to be good only if it allows the mother to nurse her baby without disturbing his sleep. The best breastfeeding chair is not soft or too big in size that it becomes difficult for the mother to stand up without making her baby wake up. The chair also consists of comfortable pillows. We highly hope that this article will definitely help you in getting the best breastfeeding chair that you were looking for a long time and let your little princess sleep for a long time while you are resting with him too.

What Are 10 Items in a First Aid Kit?


First aid kits for babies should be always kept at home, in a bag when travelling and in your vehicles which is very necessary and it will be like over prepared but this will help you a lot in the emergency situation. In that best baby first aid kit, you should have a phone number of your paediatrician, poison controller, number of your pharmacy and health insurance carrier in that also a patient’s health insurance information form in that kit. In addition to it oral and rectal thermometer, kids pain reliever, small bandage, antiseptics for cleaning the wounds, antibacterial creams or wipes, syrup, an extra supplies of medications which will be taken by your children on daily basis like sunscreen lotions etc. should be there. Where rectal thermometer gives an accurate temperature reading where oral thermometer can be used for older kids.

If it comes to babies, nothing will be scarier than facing an emergency situation when they get injury. New parent or child caregivers will be assisted to take care the child but the true fact is they can’t keep the child safe all the times and some point the situation will come, where they can help out the injured child with the help of first aid kit. To keep this fear in control, you can buy a complete first aid kit for babies. If you have a first aid kit with necessary items then your stress will be reduced.

What should first aid kit needed to include

Well stocked first aid kits should be kept in place where it can be reach easily. By having right supplies on time in home, car and in travel bag will help you to handle the emergency situation even you are in a vacation with your family. You can buy these first aid kit in a drug store or in a hospital. Or else it can be done on your own if you are making one then use containers which will be generous, powerful, simple to carry which can be opened easily. Plastic containers or tackle box for storing the art supplies are good because it will be in light in weight, easy to carry, it will have handles and offer you a lot of space with separate section.

  • Up to date first aid manual for reference.
  • A list of emergency phone numbers like paediatricians, pharmacy number etc.
  • Different sizes of sterile gauze pads.
  • Adhesive tapes.
  • Adhesive bandages in various sizes.
  • Antiseptic wipes or creams.
  • Antibiotic ointment.
  • Antiseptic solution to clean.
  • Hydrocortisone cream which is 1%.
  • Acetaminophen and ibuprofen.
  • Extra medication or prescription of medicines.
  • Tweezers and sharp scissors.
  • Safety pins.
  • Instant cold pack which is Disposable.
  • Calamine lotion.
  • Ethyl alcohol wipes.
  • Prevention kit for teeth.
  • At least 2 pairs of Non latex gloves.
  • Flashlights and extra batteries.
  • Blanket and mouthpiece for giving CPR.

How to use the things which is in your kits

After storing all the first aid things in the kit, you need to read first aid manual so you will understand how to use the things which is in your kits. Read the manual time to time to check whether your kit is up to date. Store all the first aid kits out of kids to reach but keep where the person can take easily. Check the kit on regular basis and replace the missing items in it or if anything got expired. Always make sure that your baby sitter or care taker know where the kit is placed and how to use it, so it will be easy if there is any emergency. If you are travelling in plane always make sure you carry the first aid kit in the checked luggage because many of the items are not allowed to carry in the hand.

Therefore, having the first aid will help to avoid the worst situation or condition in the emergency time also you can make best baby first aid kit on your own by basic things and medications to prevent your babies from suffering because in general babies will fall down or hit in something and get wound so you can avoid the worst conditions for them by using the first aid kits.


“Baby don’t you worry or cry
Your sure to find gold in your dreams
buckets of gold flying by”
Do you have a newborn on the way or  have you given birth very recently?  
I love photographing newborns and everything that makes them unique.  
I’d be honored to capture your newborn, just as they are, in their first few weeks.  
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jaxon’s first birthday…

Jaxon was sweet, calm, and happy to play and get messy!
One year… so long, yet so fast…

I love when parent’s get in the pictures (I always urge them to…)
After-all… we think getting pictures taken is for us (mommy’s and daddy’s I’m talking to you…)

But it’s for them…
It’s their memories that we are preserving for them…

Does your sweet little boy or girl have a big birthday coming up?
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This little guy was born earlier in the year…

 I once had a baby’s grandpa ask me if I thought all babies looked alike, act alike…
No, no sir… they don’t.
Each and every baby is so incredibly different
Sweet Grady was a perfect example of this.
He coo’d and purred the entire time he slept.
His mom told me a sweet story about his feet – if you put them in a certain position, he immediately calms down.Every baby is completely unique – some have sweet button noses, some long skinny feet, and some love to be curled up while other stretched way out.
It’s those tiny differences that make me love photographing so much…
Do you have a newborn on the way or given birth very recently?
I love photographing newborns and everything that makes them unique.
I’d be honored to capture your newborn, just as they are, in their first few weeks.
For more information, or to book a session simply fill out the contact form
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Expecting is pure magic.
The round of the belly, the feel of life inside, knowing that you are growing and creating by simply breathing.
The swell moves forward as you approach “the date”.
Your walk slows, your emotions heighten, the house seems to change.
The moment is coming.
You will never again, with each new child, be quite the same.
Forever your heart is entangled and shared with someone you barely know, but know so well…

Here is a post about  baby Joss, before and after her entrance to the world…




While life is crazy with a new baby, there is also a quiet sense of calmness.  Everyone tiptoes, a sound in the distance of soft shushing to get the baby to sleep, and when the baby finally drifts off everyone is still.

melissa-stottmannThis is Sammy on the seventh day of his new little life

10 Months Old

Another month flew by before our eyes.  Owen is 2 months away from his first birthday.  This month it was impossible to keep him seated in the chair.  I usually take about 20 shots and choose my favorite.  I took 3, and two of them were blurry because he doesn’t sit. still. ever.


my boy.

After doing a post of Abby last week –  I decided that it had to follow with a post of Owen.
He’s 9 months… for a couple more days.  These were all taken on our front lawn, right before mowing day, so the grass was nice and high.  You can see that Daddy came home from work at the very end- which made Owen so excited.

My wild, dare devil son.  His current interests are dog bowls, chewing on dirt, eating everything, shaking his head ‘no’ and biting his sister.
My dear boy and I used to cuddle for hours.  These days I’m lucky if I get 30 seconds… :’(