letters to our daughters – may

This is my eighth month writing letters to Abby…
My wonderful friends and I  are writing letters — letters to express our love, talk through our struggles, and create a memory for our daughters.

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Time is moving at an alarming rate.  April and May have been so incredibly busy and I have found myself going through an entire day without sitting to just spend time with you.  That’s something I’m forcing from this day on – no matter how many projects I have going on, to just simply be with you.  This is your last week of preschool and I’m not quite sure how we are here already.  Your ‘final’ bulletin board went up outside your classroom, announcing your school for next year.  I got teared up and even telling Daddy about it, tears came to my eyes.  You are scared, you’ve told me.  You haven’t said it in those words, but you’ve mentioned that you’d rather not “learn to read” and to stay at school with your teachers and friends… there were a few tears involved.   However, it’s time for the next step.  Just a few short months away and you will begin Kindergarten.  A little fish in a big school.  I’m going to have to pull out my bravest face because I will most certainly be an emotional mama.  You are ready, sweetiepie.  Completely ready.

love mom