letters to our daughters- january 2014

This is my fourth month of writing letters to Abby…
My wonderful friends and I  are writing letters — letters to express our love, talk through our struggles, and create a memory for our daughters.

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I need you to know, and want you to know, that I am thankful for you every single day of your life. Being a mom is tough sometimes, and while you may understand this if you decide to have children, it’s impossible to fully understand until you conceive your first baby. See, before you, I was Melissa.  I liked to decorate and design, was an elementary school teacher, and enjoyed dabbling in some simple photography.   I did what I wanted and I pursued goals, with mostly just me, in mind. I was able to come and go whenever I felt like it and if I didn’t feel like doing something, I didn’t.

The day you entered my world, that changed forever. I now have a piece (well… two…) of my own self walking around, making decisions, and needing love and care. Loving you is the easy part, I will always do that. However, navigating the world… and still being “Melissa” is such a fine line and balance that I work to keep everyday. Don’t get me wrong, being a mom is an incredibly wonderful and important job and I love watching your eyes light up and listening to your stories, but I also want you to see and understand that while being a mom is a job I do adore, that I too, still need to be me. I need to grow as a person, have time to further develop my interests… not just for me… but as an example to you.  Luckily I still love to, and get to, decorate and design, photograph (now with you included), and teach… but in a slightly different way.

You do not ever have to be defined — you simply never have to just ‘daughter’, ‘mom’, ‘doctor’, ‘reader’, ‘photographer’… but instead you can be all of those. You, my dear, have one life to live… and YOU are special and put on this earth for a reason, many reasons. Always look and watch for the next ‘reason’ to fall into your path.

love mom

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