December in My Corner of the World…

This is the twelfth and final month of a year-long blog circle I am participating in with about a dozen women from around the world… at the end of the post is a link to the next blog and a view of their world in December.
Should you complete the circle you will come back to my blog again…

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It’s been an entire year since I began this project with a group of wonderful and dedicated photographers
from around the world.  I have created new friendships, snuck peeks at their world, and kept a
monthly journal of the happenings in my world, in Wilmington, Delaware.  I’m so thankful for this project
and the memories I forced myself to shoot and share.

Abby has gone from a 4 year old to a 5 year old and become more independent and confident.
Owen went from a 1 year old to a 2 year old and has lost a bit of his babyish looks and learned to talk so much.

This December… in our corner…

Some Christmas, some snow days, some snow tears… and above all, lots of love
Thanks so much for following along with this blog circle!  Please continue the circle and visit my friend,  Rebecca Spencer for her peek at December!


“Baby don’t you worry or cry
Your sure to find gold in your dreams
buckets of gold flying by”
Do you have a newborn on the way or  have you given birth very recently?  
I love photographing newborns and everything that makes them unique.  
I’d be honored to capture your newborn, just as they are, in their first few weeks.  
For more information, or to book a session simply fill out the contact form
or email me at [email protected]

Christmas Morning Tips…

I occasionally post on Clickin Mom’s blog with tips, tricks, and fun posts about me…
This was on their blog just a few days ago – so I wanted to share with my clients, as well.
I shared this slideshow after Christmas last year, so if it feels like a repeat… it’s because it is ;)!
Christmas morning.  Everyone is looking top notch, straight out of bed, right? Well, not so much, but that doesn’t mean it’s not worth remembering!

I typically spend my morning behind the camera watching my two kids open their presents through the viewfinder while missing out on the memories because I’m so busy trying to preserve them.   I’m not even in the pictures — so no one knows I’m there, but my poor husband is front and center for the whole event.

Last year, when going through my camera settings, I decided to explore the ‘interval timer’ further.   The heavens opened and I realized I didn’t need to take pictures during the upcoming Christmas morning, the camera could do the work for me with just a bit of guidance.

So I set my camera up in the corner (on a coffee table with books piled underneath my 24-70mm lens to keep it propped up where I needed it) and I set the interval times to take an image once every 30 seconds.  These images are by no means perfect.  They are noisy, the light gets harsh in the middle and there is a golden yellow lamp glow.  You know what they are, though?  Real life.  Our morning.

Christmas Morning