thankful | of love, light and film

Last summer I was looking for a new photographic outlet.  I was hoping for something to help me slow down and think more about the images I was taking.
Digital photography, while amazing and advanced, can be overkill.  You test your light 4 times, take practice shot after practice shot and end up with 10 throw away shots right off the bat.

Through slowing down, taking less images and truly thinking about each click, while forcing myself to take in all of the light, the composition, and the moment, I can begin to train myself to do this with digital imagery.

I shot two whole rolls and then digital crept back in and stuck.  I’m ready to pick my film camera up again and start a new project with some wonderfully talented ladies.

Our theme for this month is thankful…
My list of things in my life that I am thankful for is a mile long.
However, to say that I’m thankful for photography would be a tremendous understatement.
Photography is my “me” thing… my time to myself, even when I’m with others.
It allows me to continue being “Melissa” while capturing my life and memories.
I have learned and grown so much through photography, had opportunities, traveled, and made wonderful friends… all because I picked up a camera to ‘remember’.

Here I’m sharing some imperfect images from a 35 year old Canon AE-1 Program camera
The film I ran through was Ilford Delta Pro 3200, the camera needs some repairs… but the images still warm my heart.

Please check out my friend Tara Stallings and her “Thankful” film share for this month.