Letters to Our Daughters- September 2013

Blog Circles… what can I say? I love them.  Beginning this month I am starting a second circle with a smaller group . . . this circle is for our daughters.
My wonderful friends and I  are writing letters — letters to express our love, talk through our struggles, and create a memory for our daughters.
When this year is complete with these special ladies, I plan to do the same for my little man.


In these past two months, as we prepare to send you to preschool, I have simply watched you.    I have observed the way you interact with Owen, Daddy, strangers.   Once shy, you have come so far out of your shell.  You are caring, thoughtful, and strong willed.   The growth in your language, demeanor, looks… it’s all so different so suddenly.  You can now relate to me, help with Owen, and rationalize situations.   The baby I brought home has become a child. Your old soul, helpfulness, and honesty are such a blessing to our family. You understand far more than I ever realized you would just 4 years ago when joined our family and made me a mommy. You comprehend and tell jokes, can help me fool Owen when he isn’t cooperating, dance in the car with me — as well as remember & decipher lyrics (which I now realize I need to watch carefully what I am listening to).   A friend that I can go out for a  ’girls day’  with, hold a conversation, but still simply snuggle with, too.  I look forward to this glimpse into our future together.  While I realize it will not always be this easy with you and that tough times in our relationship could be ahead, I am so incredibly thankful for the thoughtful, helpful and beautiful daughter you have grown to be so far.

With the changes that have happened, you have become more than a daughter – so quickly – you have become my friend.

I won’t lie, I have shed a few quiet tears as your personality slowly emerges– saying hello to the wonderful little girl you are becoming and bidding adieu to the baby years.  We just started this adventure together (or so it seems) how can it already be so far into it…?

love mom


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