August in My Corner of the World

This is the eighth month of a year-long blog circle I am participating in with about a dozen women from around the world… at the end of the post is a link to the next blog and a view of their world in August.
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This month (actually the last week of July into the first few days of August) we spent in Canaan Valley, West Virginia.
This vacation is our annual “Cousin’s Week” which began as a weekend and grown larger.
We stayed on Timberlane Ski resort — and obviously didn’t do much skiing.
It was a week full of fun, memories, and a whole lot of nothing to do!

I photographed stars for the first time.  It was exciting and frustrating.  There was no light pollution and the nights were DARK.
To see the Milky Way was beyond amazing!
Abby loves space (last year she was an astronaut for Halloween and Owen was an alien).  We let her stay up later one night to come see the stars– and even peeked into her telescope.

Thank for checking me out this month! Please continue through the circle by visiting my friend Marissa Gifford and see what her corner of the world looks like in August!