march in my corner of the world….

This is the third month of a blog circle I am participating in with about a dozen women from around the world… at the end of the post is  a link to the next blog and a view of their world in March.
Should you complete the circle you will come back to my blog again…

March has been full of wanting to be outside.
Usually there are a few surprise warm days thrown into the otherwise chilly average temperatures, but this year it has been colder than cold.

This month’s post is about the day we visited the “Natural History Museum”  in Wilmington, Delaware.  It was a spur of the moment outing, as we had a free Saturday and  Abby has been asking questions about dinosaurs for awhile.



Please continue the circle to see what March looks like in other areas of our world.
Next up, please visit my friend, Zemya Photography, a Bay Area Photographer,  for her take on “March In My Corner of the World”

my photo displays….

Today, I am going to show you my home and how I display photos.

In addition, I joined up with a group of fabulous photographer’s that are also graciously giving you a peek into their homes for you to see how they display their photos.

The hope is that some inspiration will come your (and my!) way and help you to display your photographs in a way that makes your heart sing!

(Sidenote: Please forgive the various hands, toys, & dogs that pop into these pictures- real life on a Sunday morning)

First up is my office area: 

On top of the shelves: 8×10 prints framed in 11×14 frames with mat’s
On the shelf: Mounted 10×10′s on easels
Over the couch: 20×30 Print in a 30×40 frame


Albums (these live on the shelves)

First 3 pictures below: 10×10 Photographic Album with Pictures from our spring photo session with Pastel Photography last year
Final 4 pictures below: 12×12 Peel and Stick Album – I print 12×12 prints in a scrapbook style once every six months with family events

The Dining Room

2- 20×24 Gallery Wrap Canvases
2- 11×14 Prints in 11×14 Frames

The Kitchen

Various sizes, various pictures… it’s a work in progress.
It’s meant for my children’s art- and I recently cleaned them up and put fabric in all of the frames for a unified look.
(Ignore the hallway… my husband is painting it while I’m taking pictures…)

The Living Room

Above the Fireplace: 20×24 Print in a 24×28 Frame (custom size)
11×14 Gallery Wrap Canvas
5×5 Prints in the small frames

Above the Couch: Gallery Wrap Canvases in Sizes shown on first image

For more inspiration check out the home & displays of  Misty Dawn  of Misty Dawn Photography