January in my corner of the world…

The new fresh year.
I love January.
January is my most cherished month.
Life simply slllooowwwsss.
A calmness in the air filled with very few social events, the rebuilding Earth, and time simply held for enjoying my family.
The Christmas presents are placed into their new homes, the decorations carefully packaged for next year.
Our home belongs to simpleness once again.

January also commences with new projects- one of which, is a new blog circle with a few of my talented friends, from around the world,
that I have come to know in the photography community.
There are about 14 of us, women, from London, Missouri, Washington, California Bay Area, Vancouver… to name a few
Some of these beautiful women are in business while some are hobbyists that document their lives.

What is a blog circle?
On the final day of each month I will be blogging a post entitled “(Month) in my corner of the world”.
This post will show what that particular month looks like & feels like in Wilmington, Delaware.
At the end of the post will be a link – this link will take you through a journey- to another blog
with one of my friend’s adventures through the month, and at the end of her post will be another link
to the next blog post.  If you were to continue, these posts would would end up again at my blog.

I hope you will take the visual journey and follow the circle of women throughout 2013!

Here is my first post… “January” In My Corner of the World

January in Wilmington can be unpredictable – most likely cold.
Snow is not a guarantee, but welcomed when it arrives.
Abigail was excited to help me and take a few pictures in our yard- to document the snow…
We aren’t sure if the snow will be visiting again… but there are two more months of possibility ahead

Please continue the circle…. visit my sweet friend & Andrea Devisser and her ‘Corner of the World’ in January