I’m not taking nearly enough photos of my children since I have started taking sessions again.  I’d love to commit to taking 1 a day- with the big camera, which I already do on Instagram, but I’m not sure I will be able to keep up with it- since the big camera is, well, big!

Abby loves her computer games <3


Owen playing with our dog, Senator.  He was about to get licked and excited to get some attention from her


10 Months Old

Another month flew by before our eyes.  Owen is 2 months away from his first birthday.  This month it was impossible to keep him seated in the chair.  I usually take about 20 shots and choose my favorite.  I took 3, and two of them were blurry because he doesn’t sit. still. ever.


my boy.

After doing a post of Abby last week –  I decided that it had to follow with a post of Owen.
He’s 9 months… for a couple more days.  These were all taken on our front lawn, right before mowing day, so the grass was nice and high.  You can see that Daddy came home from work at the very end- which made Owen so excited.

My wild, dare devil son.  His current interests are dog bowls, chewing on dirt, eating everything, shaking his head ‘no’ and biting his sister.
My dear boy and I used to cuddle for hours.  These days I’m lucky if I get 30 seconds… :’(


my girl.

Here’s my girl.  I was so happy to get these shots because eye contact is extremely hard to come by these days.

It’s amazing that she is so much like me – independent, stubborn, easily frustrated, and the kindest heart a momma could ask for…