Did You Mean to Cut Your Head Off?

Not cut with a knife… but cutting off with a crop

What is cropping? crop: to remove portions of an image to eliminate unwanted areas or to give it another aspect ratio

When I edit photos, I crop them for the artistic effect of image – I do this based on the individual image (keeping in mind popular client ordering crops).  Sending an order to print can often change these images entirely based on the size you order.

Let me show you what I mean…

Here is the image I put in your gallery:


You decide you want this shot in an 8×10…

This image still works- but there are portions now missing – notice the top of his sweet little head?
So you may receive this image and not realize I needed to come in closer (of course I’m a full disclosure type of person so I would have informed you before sending the image to the printer).


How can you possibly decide which crop works for a picture when you are ordering?  Not all crop size is created equal.  So not only do you have the huge responsibility of ordering your session images, thinking about framing sizes… now you also need to consider how much of an image will be lost.

This picture, of the famous Owen, is cropped at all of my typical sizes.  Which do you think works best?


Need to simplify your ordering process?  Let me help by creating a custom Designed Wall Display for you! I offer this as a free service after your session.  You can send me a picture of your wall, have me take a picture while I am at your home or use a stock photo I already have to create a display that works, to scale.  With a Designed Wall Display – the cropping guess work is removed!

Here is an example of a Designed Wall Display I made for a client this fall using a picture she took of her wall:

More on Designed Wall Display’s next week!

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