Will You Remember 2012?

I want you to take 1 picture everyday this year. Oh, and HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Ok, before you start to think I’m crazy –  I promise it will take no more than a simple click of your cell phone… you have one of those, right?   The picture can be of your child, your breakfast, your dogs…   At the end of the year, you will have a beautiful story of your life in 2012.  In 2020 you can look back and see the small details that have changed in your life.  How wonderful (especially if your children are small)!

I started a “365 Project” in 2010- and I made it until July! That was a big accomplishment because I would drag out Mr. Big Camera, upload, edit, etc.  Way too big of a project for a busy mom/biz owner to handle.  However, my iphone has some fantastic picture taking apps.

My three favorite apps?



Snapseed for iPad[6]



I have my cell phone on me all the time.  It’s always in my pocket and if it’s not, I’m searching the house and using Where’s My Cellphone?  In the past, I resisted using cell phones for pictures- but I would rather have a picture that isn’t “perfect” than no memories.  Using these apps has changed the way I see the world- without it I wouldn’t have this shot of my baby boy <3

The best part about this project? You can’t do anything WRONG! You simply document your life.

What’s next?

You can do a multitude of fun things with your pictures… make a photo book, use small frames to cover a large wall with each picture (or favorites), a free blog with 1 picture per day, NOTHING… It’s all up to you…

Still can’t commit? What about a 52 week project? Just once a week?

So000… what are you waiting for? GO TAKE A PICTURE!

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