Pinterest Challenge! WARNING: This Post Contains Beer.

What to do with extra beer bottles hanging around? (Not mine- For the record…)

Make vases!

This project took 20 minutes, start to finish, with pictures! Easy peasy… now to find something to stuff in them :)

There was no website I could find as to where they orginated, but here is my original inspiration that I pinned to my DIY board on Pinterest

Here are my own rules:

The cast of characters:

Mod Podge
Thick Yarn I had hanging around
Glue Gun
Beer Bottles
My hands 

Check out that beautiful- work in progress- kitchen back there ;)

Take the Mod Podge and slather in on the bottom half of the bottle

Start twirling.  The very edge didn’t stick at first, but I kept twirling and secured the edge with some hot glue later.  I found that twirling the bottle while holding the yarn tight was the most effective way.

Continue adding Mod Podge to small sections and twirling.  It got tricky as the bottle got thinner at the top, so instead of winding tightly I let up on the slack a bit and more or less let the yarn loosely sit on top of the prior row.

I wound the yarn all that way to the top then secured the top with some hot glue, and then very beginning, at the bottom with hot glue. And like that… I reused, reduced and recycled :-)

Check out some of these other fun projects with bottles!


lights! from More Design Please

pulseiras via seilamuitascoisas

So… whatcha been up to?  Any fun projects you can link us to? Let me know in the comments!

Did You Mean to Cut Your Head Off?

Not cut with a knife… but cutting off with a crop

What is cropping? crop: to remove portions of an image to eliminate unwanted areas or to give it another aspect ratio

When I edit photos, I crop them for the artistic effect of image – I do this based on the individual image (keeping in mind popular client ordering crops).  Sending an order to print can often change these images entirely based on the size you order.

Let me show you what I mean…

Here is the image I put in your gallery:


You decide you want this shot in an 8×10…

This image still works- but there are portions now missing – notice the top of his sweet little head?
So you may receive this image and not realize I needed to come in closer (of course I’m a full disclosure type of person so I would have informed you before sending the image to the printer).


How can you possibly decide which crop works for a picture when you are ordering?  Not all crop size is created equal.  So not only do you have the huge responsibility of ordering your session images, thinking about framing sizes… now you also need to consider how much of an image will be lost.

This picture, of the famous Owen, is cropped at all of my typical sizes.  Which do you think works best?


Need to simplify your ordering process?  Let me help by creating a custom Designed Wall Display for you! I offer this as a free service after your session.  You can send me a picture of your wall, have me take a picture while I am at your home or use a stock photo I already have to create a display that works, to scale.  With a Designed Wall Display – the cropping guess work is removed!

Here is an example of a Designed Wall Display I made for a client this fall using a picture she took of her wall:

More on Designed Wall Display’s next week!

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Will You Remember 2012?

I want you to take 1 picture everyday this year. Oh, and HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Ok, before you start to think I’m crazy –  I promise it will take no more than a simple click of your cell phone… you have one of those, right?   The picture can be of your child, your breakfast, your dogs…   At the end of the year, you will have a beautiful story of your life in 2012.  In 2020 you can look back and see the small details that have changed in your life.  How wonderful (especially if your children are small)!

I started a “365 Project” in 2010- and I made it until July! That was a big accomplishment because I would drag out Mr. Big Camera, upload, edit, etc.  Way too big of a project for a busy mom/biz owner to handle.  However, my iphone has some fantastic picture taking apps.

My three favorite apps?



Snapseed for iPad[6]



I have my cell phone on me all the time.  It’s always in my pocket and if it’s not, I’m searching the house and using Where’s My Cellphone?  In the past, I resisted using cell phones for pictures- but I would rather have a picture that isn’t “perfect” than no memories.  Using these apps has changed the way I see the world- without it I wouldn’t have this shot of my baby boy <3

The best part about this project? You can’t do anything WRONG! You simply document your life.

What’s next?

You can do a multitude of fun things with your pictures… make a photo book, use small frames to cover a large wall with each picture (or favorites), a free blog with 1 picture per day, NOTHING… It’s all up to you…

Still can’t commit? What about a 52 week project? Just once a week?

So000… what are you waiting for? GO TAKE A PICTURE!

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